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Friday, July 25, 2014
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This year is a very special year for the Royal Marines, as it is our 350th (1664-2014) anniversary! Despite an extremely busy period for both the serving PT Branch and CTCRM in general, we have managed to secure the weekend of 24-26 October, 2014, for our next PT Reunion and this has now been confirmed by the AIPTRM, WO1 Mick Seabrook RM, who has been kind enough to get all the relevant permissions.

So please mark the date in your planners accordingly and please ensure that I have your email address if you wish to receive details nearer the time.

Peter Brown MBE MSc. (Hon Chairman RM PT Reunion Club)
This year is the Royal Marines 350th anniversary of the forming of the corps and some very special events are taking place that you will not want to miss! Some of the main dates are listed in the recent (Winter 2014) PT Newsletter for you to mark in your diaries.

If you haven’t seen the newsletter and would like the dates you can click on the link below:

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When you leave the corps you do not have to leave your comrades! We have members in their 80's and 90's still enjoying their memories and staying in touch with former colleagues. So, if we do not have your details, just send us your details on the form provided, it's as simple as that!

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Royal Marines Association
In September, 2011, we became an official branch of the RMA, providing our members with the full individual benefits of being a member of the RMA.

If you are not already a member, please join as soon as possible. To become a member, just call the RMA office on 023 9265 1519, or you can join direct via the RMA website. You will get an official RMA ID card, which you will need for entry into CTCRM for the PT Reunion.

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If you are wondering if the standards of the PTI’s now qualifying are still up to scratch, I can confidently re-assure you with an emphatic yes!

I was very privileged to be invited to attend the recent PT2 Course passout at CTCRM on the 16th May, 2013, and was very impressed with the very high standards that being maintained by the serving PT Branch!

With very high-ranking officers, serving PTI’s, family and friends all attending, it was a very well organised and special event! This was the first PT2 passout that I have attended since leaving the corps and I was certainly not disappointed!

It was also wonderful that the course instructor, Sgt Ben Perkins RM, was kind enough to invite Charles Forrest to come down from Scotland and to attend as a special guest of honour. They really rolled out the red carpet for Charles who, at 92, travelled down for the occasion and you can see Charles with the qualifying PTI’s on the photograph.

Charles was treated as a real VIP at CTCRM during his visit and it was a wonderful reminder of how the corps now embraces all of us in the great corps family! The PT 2 course passout was of the very highest standards and many congratulations to the serving PT Branch for maintaining such high standards in a very busy and changing world!

The PT Course passout is now a very special event in CTCRM, so if you can make it, you certainly should try to do so and I will circulate details of future PT2 Course Passouts for 2014 when known. If you are able to attend, you will be made very welcome!

If you would like to watch the PT2/2/12 Course passout from the comfort of your armchair you can watch the whole passout on Youtube video by simply cutting & pasting the following link into your web browser search box:


The excellent standards still maintained by these young PTI's may bring back your memories of when you were in your prime! So, settle down in your armchair and enjoy!

(Peter Brown).

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