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2016 winter update

Dear Colleagues,


I do hope that this finds you in good health. Having attended several funerals of late I am very much reminded that “health is wealth!”  


Very sadly, we have lost several of our PT Branch family over the past couple of years, including Royston Kear, Lesley-John Maker, Geoff Barker, George Kitson, Andy Lucas, John Rae and very recently, Ron Mollins. Like you, I remember them all with great fondness, as though it was yesterday, when they were the epitome of “Mens Sana en Corpore Sano”.


Our PT Branch Standard-bearer, John Farlie, and I (as current Standard-bearer for the City of London RMA Branch) invariably try to attend as many funerals as we can, especially when requested by the family and we are often accompanied by a corps bugler to sound the last post at the Committal. We do this as our small contribution to both the PT Branch and the greater corps family.


This is always greatly appreciated by the family of the deceased. I am always struck by the great importance that the family attach to the deceased having served in the corps. The coffin is invariably draped with a corps flag (or the Union Jack) with the deceased’s green beret and medals on top and the deceased’s time in the service of Queen and country is always a prominent feature of the eulogy during the service. Whatever was achieved afterwards, in Civvy Street, pales in comparison. In the family’s eyes it is service to queen and country that really counts!


Sadly, we are losing a lot of our senior PT Branch members that were an important part of the PT Branch when the PT Reunion Club was formed. As they gradually die off, we are not replacing them with younger members and our numbers are dwindling as a result.


Please help us to change this, otherwise we will not exist in a few years time! If you want us to survive as an organisation, please do all you can to recruit and encourage the younger former PTI’s to join and support us. All you have to do is to send their name, contact email address and year of PT qualification to me and I will add it to the RMPT address list.


Currently, we are the only corps instructor-branch to have such a fine organisation and regular PT Reunions, as well as our communication and support. We are also a bone-fide original “Cyber-branch” of the Royal Marines Association, supporting the greater corps family. We must not throw this away through our complacency! So please give your renewed support to increase our numbers, otherwise as an organisation we will die.


As we are now an official “Cyber-branch” of the RMA  it is expected that all those who are in the PT Reunion Club (for which there is no fee) also join the RMA as well. This costs a mere £15 per year and offers many associated benefits . Many of our PT Reunion Club have already joined, but many have not. The process is very simple and can be done online via the RMA website ( or by tel: 02392 651519. So please join now!


Feb 13, 2016
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 ·    7, 8, 9 April 2016 – The Mountbatten Concert (RAH) 

·       15 May 2016 - The Graspan Parade & Reception 
·       10 July 2016 - The Deal Memorial Band Concert & Service
·       17-18 September 2016 - RMA Reunion at CTCRM