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Dear Colleagues,   Welcome to our latest RMPT Newsletter and I hope that this finds you well! Please see my various snippets below to keep you up to date. Unfortunately, former PTI's seem to be reluctant to send articles, news etc. so, if you have any news, photographs, or items of interest, please do send them to me via email and I will be most grateful!   With regard to happenings, George Kent organised a very successful pre-Christmas get-together for former PTI’s, in The Wings Club in Exmouth. This gathering was also dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the brave exploits of the Cockleshell Heroes during Operation Frankton.  A good attendance ensued, so, a very big “well-done” to George! Lyndon Pearce also organised a successful pre-Christmas get-together for the Exeter PTI’s.     Last year there was also a very good turnout from former PTI’s for the PT2 Course passout at CTCRM in December. The PT course passouts have now evolved to be an...

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Over 100 former and serving PTI’s gathered at CTCRM on the weekend of 21-23 July 2017 for our bi-annual PT Branch Reunion. The AIPTRM, WO1 Brian Tose RM, and the serving PT Branch did a wonderful job in organising the PT displays and a superb evening dinner in the P & RT Centre, which was of the highest standards of the PT Branch!   The whole weekend was a true testimony to the PT Branch spirit and in support of the great Royal Marines Corps family! We thank everyone involved for coming so far and wide to support us and we look forward to seeing you all again at our next PT Reunion in July 2019 at CTCRM.   The weekend was greatly enlivened from a PTI’s top-table for former and serving PTI’s held in the Sergeant’s Mess on the Friday lunchtime for 80 people. They were still with us in high spirits in the evening at our own get-together in The Moody Brook bar until closing time at a very late hour! The atmosphere was great and represented a wonderful mixture of young...

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  Dear Colleagues,   As you will already have been informed, the 2016 PT Branch Reunion due to be held on the weekend of 14-16th October, 2016, had to be postponed through lack of numbers attending. This was mainly due to the fact that the majority of serving PTI’s who would normally attend were away on operations abroad with the Commando Brigade, which greatly reduced numbers attending.   However, the true spirit of the PT Branch once again emerged and with the encouragement and support from some of our stalwart members (Terry Harrison, Brian Gibbs, Martin Joyce, Jacques Hart, John Farlie, Cliff McGaughey et al) an alternative get-together was confirmed at short notice to take place at The Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth, on Saturday 15th October 2016 at 7pm for dinner.   Many members stayed overnight in The Royal Beacon Hotel and a great get-together was enjoyed by over 30 former PTi’s and guests. The PT Branch standard was in attendance, thanks to John Farlie...

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2016 winter update

Dear Colleagues,   I do hope that this finds you in good health. Having attended several funerals of late I am very much reminded that “health is wealth!”     Very sadly, we have lost several of our PT Branch family over the past couple of years, including Royston Kear, Lesley-John Maker, Geoff Barker, George Kitson, Andy Lucas, John Rae and very recently, Ron Mollins. Like you, I remember them all with great fondness, as though it was yesterday, when they were the epitome of “Mens Sana en Corpore Sano”.   Our PT Branch Standard-bearer, John Farlie, and I (as current Standard-bearer for the City of London RMA Branch) invariably try to attend as many funerals as we can, especially when requested by the family and we are often accompanied by a corps bugler to sound the last post at the Committal. We do this as our small contribution to both the PT Branch and the greater corps family.   This is always greatly appreciated by the family of the deceased. I am...

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